3 Stylish Ways To Wear A Hoodie As A Top

3 Stylish Ways To Wear A Hoodie As A Top

Most people wouldn’t consider a hoodie to be an outfit option if they’re looking to look good, but it doesn’t have to be that way! With the right accessories and layering, you can turn a casual and comfortable hoodie into an outfit that looks like you spent hundreds of dollars on it—even if you spent less than $20 on the entire thing! Here are three ways to wear a hoodie as a top.


Casual options

While spending a ton of money on clothes might not be in your budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. You just have to get creative! If you love wearing hoodies or want something less casual, opt for V-neck tops and t-shirts in a variety of colors. Long sleeve is great for winter, but short sleeves are best when it gets warmer out—just make sure they hit your waistline to make you look more pulled together. And while you don’t want to show too much skin, do remember to wear shorts (try a pair with slits) as opposed to pants so that people can see some of your personality through your clothes. Before buying any clothing item, stop and think about how many different ways you could style it! It’s better to only buy items that will work well with many different outfits. Not only will your closet feel more complete if everything has multiple uses, but you won’t waste any money buying items you won't wear frequently. Need help? Check out Pinterest boards like outfit ideas or creative outfit ideas. These resources will help ensure you always look expensive without ever feeling stressed about fashion again. Good luck and happy shopping!


Formal options

You can wear a simple, plain hoodie by itself and still look put together. It's also possible to put together an outfit with a sophisticated hoodie dress (i.e., dress-like top that features a hood). Consider layering it over leggings or jeans, too. If you're lucky enough to have both male and female friends, try borrowing their clothes: Guys' hoodies often tend to be boxier than women's and will work well in casual outfits (especially when paired with skinny jeans), while women's versions tend to fit more like shirts do and won't feel out of place underneath nicer outerwear. Search for looks inspired by celebrities on Instagram to find inspiration for your next ensemble. Last but not least, throw one on under your jacket at night as a way to add interest and texture without having to think about what else goes with it. The options are many! While oversized hoodies aren't going anywhere anytime soon—and they really shouldn't—you don't have to sacrifice style just because they're popular. On Trend: Fashion bloggers and street style stars alike love large logos printed across their chests—in big block letters or small cursive font . Go big or go home when it comes to personalization for maximum impact. Just remember that shiny details (like studs) will soften some of the aggressive vibes; pair these designs with distressed denim for extra cool points. Otherwise, opt for a slightly edgier option like leather , suede or fur . And if you're looking to keep things clean, make sure there isn't any writing elsewhere on your hoodie—otherwise it may wind up looking messy rather than intentional. Save It For Later: Some trends should wait until after winter's over; others are even better off waiting until fall rolls around again. Oversized jackets fall into neither category, so consider bringing one out during transitional weather conditions such as spring and fall to save room in your closet for all those pretty summer pieces instead. When In Doubt, Dress Down: Even if you own only a few pairs of pants, you probably have at least two t-shirts kicking around. Given how easy it is to layer tops over sweatshirts and sweaters, get familiar with different styles and colors that appeal to you personally—this way, no matter what your body type is, you'll never run out of ways to look great in virtually any outfit. Know Your Limits: One thing every stylist knows? Only ever pull off pieces that complement your body type in proportionate ways; otherwise we risk falling into sloppy territory fast. If you're built like a gazelle, rocking statement sleeves and baggy silhouettes may take center stage instead of your enviable arms.


Other ways to wear a hoodie as a top

The key to making it work is pairing a casual piece with traditionally formal pieces. For example, you can wear a white or black hoodie under a blazer or even over a dress for an edgy look. You can also try wearing it over jeans and topping off your outfit with accessories, including earrings and bracelets that are feminine in style. This will prevent your outfit from looking like your teenage self's getup that consisted of sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt. By dressing up your hoodie with jewelry, you'll make it much more appropriate for professional settings where you don't want to reveal too much skin by wearing just one layer of clothing underneath (even if you're at work in an office full of millennials who don't mind getting comfy at work). Some women may take issue with other women wearing hoodies as tops; after all, they're associated with younger generations. If that's what you feel like doing, go right ahead; fashion is subjective and no one has any right to tell you how to dress yourself -- although many people might give their unsolicited opinion on Twitter once they see your photo! Tips for taking outfits with clothes meant for warmer weather: When most people think about fall outfits, they picture sweaters, coats, and boots. However, summer clothes aren't completely off limits -- especially when paired together. You'll need to think about layering when choosing which items to wear in order to stay warm during autumn weather; otherwise you risk freezing during those cooler days! That being said, here are some tips on layering summer clothes with fall staples: What kind of looks do I love? Comfortable yet stylish. Leather jackets complement everything (like dresses or t-shirts) well because they have tons of pockets that allow me to store my phone safely while I'm working around town so I can run errands whenever necessary without having to leave my belongings behind.

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